Thursday, 9 December 2010

Joe Cornish and Critical Research Reminder

                               Joe Cornish – Landscape Photographer


The whole point of research is to examine the images of photographers who are renowned in their own particular field or genre. The ‘analysis’ or ‘deconstruction’ of these images is very valuable and will enable you to add value to your own work. The main key words you can use to identify the value from the photographs are;

Composition, Colour, Shapes, Patterns, Lines, Tonal Range, Frames, Rule of thirds, Texture, Form, Scale, Focal Point and Perspective, Denotation and Connotation, (literal and implied meanings).

So as we have discussed before with the aid of the ‘Research Handout’ (I gave out in the past), you need to use these same skills when you start to comment on other people’s work. And also we did a power point about the use of this descriptive vocabulary.
The use of appropriate language when leaving comments on other student’s blogs is very important, particularly when it may help them to decide upon using their very best work in their final portfolio or onscreen website. Conversely you may advise someone incorrectly, don’t worry as it’s up to the individual student to decide which advise to take to improve their work.
Peer feedback is valuable as long as it is relevant and constructive. If you want to criticise someone’s work make sure you do it is a positive way and maybe suggest a way that they may improve.

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