Friday, 11 February 2011

What to blog - A bit like a diary

(Ok not quite Anne Frank but you get the idea).

When writing a blog you also need to explain what kit and equipment you used. It may be useful to put a blog together just about your complete camera kit. This often dictates what photography you are able to do.
To help with this add some images from the web of the kit you have got and add these onto the blog as well.

You need to tell a story in your blog, after all it is an online diary. If you have gone to a location or event for example write about what you did, what kit you chose to take and use?. Did you have the right lens, could you of done with a better wide angle lens?.
Were the light conditions poor and did you need to alter the ISO settings on your camera?. Did you have a great success or a bit of a failure, What would you do next time to improve or alter your approach or technique?

Writing in this way will help you to explain what you did in a logical way. The way that you think about what you did will help you identify what you need to do next time to improve.

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