Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Last chance saloon

Can everyone make sure that they have all their images with them in the next class, as I will be doing a final collection of all student work for the college wide exhibition.

Some images are for the showreel which will play on all the TV screens in the main reception, the others will be used in a printed and framed exhibition in room CS118.

All printing and framing will be done via the college, so all I need is your high quality PSD files so that I can start to print them. This is a last minute change to space allocation that has become available so I grabbed it for City and Guild students to use.

If not a posse will be sent out and your on the next stage owt a town!!

(Oh and next week is the last session, so please can you bring all your finished sets of 10 images for each theme in ready for me to collect if I havent got them already).

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