Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Week 3 already....

By now you should have a very clear idea on what you intend to do. You should have downloaded and printed all the units you have chosen to do and read them thoroughly.
Also you should have done at least one of your two statements of intent in full. The choices that you have made will then need to be researched via the web, books, magazine, youtube videos, etc..etc..of the photographers who work in your chosen areas.

We will look at research and what is required, also you can look in the archive on the main site to gain access to valuable information to help you on this course. Ask me about this and I will show you where and what you need to be looking at.
You should also be starting to label all your blog work so you can self track it all via the labels gadget which we went through the other week, any problems with this please ask me.

Also you need to be starting your photography now to run alongside your research. There is an expectation that you will be working a lot online away from the college at all times to add more content each week. This has to happen often in order that you might want to use the studio for a session, or go out to do some night photography whilst at college for example. For those who cant work online away from college, prep all your written work in word and I will show you how to copy and paste it into blogger, put your images in a seperate folder to allow a quick upload.

For those of you who do have access to the internet there is a high expectation that you are working a lot from home.After this session you will all be getting feedback from me as to how you are getting on and support.
Also you should all be commenting on each others work each week, this must be done as it is very valuable to have others critique your work as we go along throughout the whole course.

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