Thursday, 6 October 2011

Studio session & work production

Tonight we will be looking at a session in the photography studio which will provide useful practice in ISO, F stops and shutter speeds for those that require it. It is usual to cover these at level 1, but for some that didn't do a level 1 this will prove useful.

After this session, can you research what ISO, F stop, and shutter speeds are (with accompanying images) and do a blog for each. Also what you learn from the session you will need to experiment within your own photography.

For the rest of the group I want to see more research of other photographers work, and for this to appear on each of your blogs with lots of images for us to look at and discuss. This is a vital part of informing, inspiring and planning for a photography shoot either on location or in the studio.

I went through labels of your work last week, and these need to be done throughout every session. Also in general you need to look at the volume of work that you are producing in relation to the requirements of the course. You have to be producing research and photography based on inspiration of ideas and then compare and contrast you work against your original research. And at all times typing about thoughts, ideas about how you work is progressing, etc..

As we looked at before, clear advice about 'what to blog' and 'how to blog' can be found in the blog archive if you need to recap on this at any time.

It is required and expected that to get the best out of the course this extended opportunity to produce work over the internet is grasped with both hands. Ask yourself the question am I producing as much work at home as I am at college.

As I have said before you need to take total full control and responsibility and ownership of all your units, criteria and work production / photography. Don't wait for me to tell you the next step, you need to initiate it and I will respond to it with advice and guidance.

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