Thursday, 15 December 2011

Before Xmas Dinner (or after as well)

Can we all make sure that all images that are going towards your final units are selected, other images will then become apparent if you haven't got a broad enough selection. Extra photography over the xmas break should be done during breaks from too much food, film and drink. In this way you can make sure that you have all of your images ready for unit 211 or other final units that require to be done.

You should all be well on track to completing all research for each theme, if not this must be done over the break please. So when we come back its just finishing selecting images and putting them through photoshop.
Presentation of your work needs to be considered if you are considering printing your work and enough time to do this must be allocated. Please remember that for unit 211 you do not have to print but for other units you may have to so read carefully.

Time management for your work needs to match the end date of 26.1.12 as grown ups you will all find this easy I am sure. Some people have valid extension periods of 2 weeks beyond this and no more.

Also dont forget the exhibition you have all agreed to with Ian Hey, you need to liaise closely with him regarding this and make sure that you are all organised, I will not be doing this for you, I will sort the frames for you but thats it, you have to organise the rest to putting it up together and taking it down afterwards as this is all part of your unit 211 or other presentation unit.

Also can you use the xmas break to really add to your work whatever units you are doing, if you are doing portraits use the time to get images of family and friends. If you are doing landscape get out there for long walks and get frosty and snowy images as this will look great in your work. Wildlife, still life, fashion etc...etc..think laterally and add the images to your blog along with written work to support what you have done.

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