Thursday, 5 January 2012

Welcome Back...

Having had a break we now need to build momentum again, there are several areas that have to be up to speed. The Unit 211 is the main one that we are starting now, it is a fairly straight forward unit and looks at the various aspects concerning how to present your final images.
This will require you to compare and contrast the variety available from both high street suppliers and professional labs. Discuss how you could potentially use your images in a variety of different scenarios such as an exhibition, brochure, website, books, etc.

Within each of these areas you will also need to look at design, colour, print sizes, format, print surfaces (glossy / matt / semi matt / pearl etc...etc...) and clear evidence of a consistently coherent explanation for your choice of presentation method. Alongside evidence of considering all the possible alternative options for displaying your work. What type of printer could potentially be used against the types they use at professional labs will also need to be considered, contrasted and compared. You may have to consider the different stages of preparing an image for printing and the whole digital workflow from your camera profile  through to your computer and printer settings.

Think of this in the context of the research you have done in your own areas, how do landscape photographers for example display their work, where does reportage photography regularly appear, on what scale do they print and where could you get your work done in a similar way.
You also need to look at cost and differences from a variety of different suppliers both online and high street.
Remember that you are using one method all the time already with the use of your websites but you could explore that further into online galleries and photo libraries, Flikr, etc..

Also you do not have to produce printed work for this unit you can just display your work on your websites, but if you want to print as well thats fine all prints need to be sized at A3 (300 dpi).

If you are working on another presenting images unit other than 211 then read carefully as you may well have to produce printed portfolio work.

And lastly dont forget as part of this course and the presenting of images you are having an exhibition, which you all agreed to provide prints for. I will need to see the images you have chosen before they go to be printed from everybody. Please liaise with Ian Hey as regards the final printing as I believe they are all being sent off at the same time and to be printed the same size and print surface.

I need to check about the sizes and quantities of frames for the exhibition, I will need to confirm this once I know how much work is being collated. The frames usually take an A3 but I need to check this before any prints are ordered.

As mentioned before you will also have to prepare your images to A3 300 dpi for the final hand in of images, I will need both themes in their own folders one of original images and another of images that have been through photoshop, saved as PSD documents for EACH THEME.

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