Thursday, 8 March 2012

This Tutor Support Website

As another resource for this course you can access this site to see future and past lessons, information and subjects. Some of these have been done over the years and are kept in the archive on this website.
this allows you to look at previous courses lessons and blogs that can help you in what you are doing.

Over the past 4 years alot of students have worked via Blogger and had their own websites to show their work, the upgraded and more secure Edmodo is now used. However I will be using this site to include certain other information that can be useful on this course.

As from today this site will hold some useful articles and information, also the gallery will be updated with new student images, so it will be linked into the Edmodo more often as I think they will work well together and allow this course and yourselves to benefit from using both.

It has taken a while to set up the use of Edmodo properly and to ensure that it ran well with a volume of students using it, but thought it a shame that this Tutor Support Website should go to waste.

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