Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Feedback / Student Voice

Can you make sure that you leave comments on this site as to this course and any possible improvements that you feel ought to be made. Any problems or concerns you can voice here about anything to do with the course. This is your student voice as regards what's right and wrong so I can address any issues. Your input is valid as it can lead to direct improvements to the curriculum and how its delivered.

It is very important that any of my students on this course know that they can make a difference to how and what they learn to improve this course for all concerned and future prospective students.

1 comment:

  1. seeing as you asked for me there is too much research needed and i am struggling with that side of the course,i like the the comments ( good or bad) as they are constructive and helpful,i also like to leave comments on other peoples work but sometimes i cant say much about other peoples work as i am not into there photography somehow so finding there photos good or bad points does not seem fair for me to comment on ,i dont want to seem negative about other peoples work but some photots dont appeal to me at all so i cant comment on them (sorry if i offend any one but thats how i feel)