Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Welcome back...

I just wanted to let everyone know that they will need to bring all of your images to the next session so we can get an idea of how much photography has been done up to this point.

A short list of around 40 images from each theme needs to be available to see, this is so we are not spending time sifting through hundreds of images in class as this takes up too much time.
In doing this you will be able to see where the gaps are within your work and attend to them.

Also we need to get all of the blogs up to date. I am seeing a lot people commenting on each others work, when you do this can you make sure that you use the 'critical vocabulary' to articulate what you mean as this will lend more weight to your comments and thus aid the other person to really understand what it is exactly you like. Rather than just saying thats a good image or I really like that one!

Can I also stress that all blogs need to be labelled up to date now please, this is a vital process in understanding where you are within the course and will assist in time management of the rest of the course.

From the images selected we can then sort the correct images to put through photoshop. I will be going through an introduction to photoshop in the coming weeks , but we must be sure that the images are of the correct quality to be post produced. If they aren't we must allow time for any reshoots to take place.

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