Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Take stock...

After this weeks session we have the easter break, its over this period that great effort has to be made to eat as much chocolate as possible. Also its a time for consolidation of where you are within the course. Take a moment to sit down and sift through the assignment paper and your units paperwork. Look at the work that you have done, has it been labelled properly, what criteria does each blog meet, what extra can you add to some of your blogs to really raise the level of your achievement and aim for a higher grade.

Look at the amount of research you have done, is it enough, have you enough images to go with each photographer that you have looked at? Are you taking enough photographs yourself, if not why?

Have you got both themes underway, are you spinning both plates ? Have you done a lot for one and not the other, if so attend to the weakest one now and come back to the other one.

Plan out what you going to do over the up and coming weeks. To help this process you now need to sort out all your best images into folders of your top 40, from this we can then start to sort out which images can go towards your final 10 for each theme.

We can talk this through during the next session so you can enjoy easter and have a blog and photography work up to date and in place for after the break.

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  1. Heya Steve, Can you just confirm the dates when we are off and when we are back in? Just want to have it right in my diary! Thanks Alot
    Kirsty :)