Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nobody's left behind...

Can I take time out to say how well everyone is doing on the course, however can you all take more time to comment on each others work please as this will help push the group on together. It is really important that we encourage each other to move forward together and achieve higher.

Also when you do this you will see the amount of work other people are producing. If you see that yours is a bit light then now is the time to kick on and get this sorted.

This cannot be left as it will impact on your work. Ask yourself, are you researching enough 5 photographers for each theme, and 10 images for each plus the written work. And this is for both themes remember, don't leave it too late and do less for your second theme.

I need to see that everyone is producing work, can you make sure that all draft blogs are published and not left, you can always go back into them later to add more written work or images, etc...

If you miss out either research or taking images the learning cycle will not move forward at all so keep both moving please in equal measure.

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