Thursday, 10 March 2011

Labels, Labels, Labels oh and Criteria!

This is the week where we look at the work you are generating to make sure that each blog has a reason and a structured purpose. Each entry has to be targeted at meeting a certain criteria so as to ensure what you have written has a very clear purpose and aim.
To know how to label properly look at the how to blog guide, and read the section on labels are how to embed them onto the design of your website.
Also each week you need to have the units you are taking in written form in front of you to refer to at any time. The computer will automatically stack all the labels into your website. You will meet criteria again and again throughout the course but just label each blog for the criteria you are aiming it at.

Some blogs will meet various criteria and be appropriate for more than one, just make sure that you put a comma between each one so the computer can seperate them out into the label stack.
By using this method you will be able to take ownership of your own learning and be able to tell where you are and on which missing or weak criteria to target next. In this way you will be able to raise the level of your work to achieve a higher grade.

Remember all the criteria that you need to get a PASS , MERIT or DISTINCTION is included within each of the units you have selected to do, have these to hand to refer to at all times.

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