Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm watching you!...but in a good way

To make sure that everyone gets the support they need but might not ask for I have a method in place which shows me how you learn, how often you learn and what you look at on the tutor site even when you are not at college.
Also I can even tell whether you are using a pc, mac, ipad or mobile to learn with. In this way I can monitor areas to improve and prompt anyone who isn't using the site enough to help them with their work.

This is a revolutionary way of looking into the 'statistical data' and how often you learn. I can offer better methods or plan how you can improve you grades whilst on this course.

This has been proven to work as all of the students in the last group managed to achieve distinctions. Its my personal aim that everyone who comes onto any of my city and guilds photography courses is not only supported in every way possible, but has the ability to challenge themselves to achieve higher.

I will demonstrate how this system works so you can all see the benefits of it. When I have shown you how to look at the stats, you can then look at them on your own site.
Also I want everyone to spend time to comment on other peoples sites during tonight's session. And to make sure that you are following everyone in the whole group, this must happen to ensure that we have a strong team spirit.

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