Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gain Momentum Again

Tonight has been slightly revamped into a session where we will, under the circumstances, catch up with the blog and the work cycle that you need to be producing. As we have had an enforced break at the wrong time really, so I will also cover any areas of confusion

Can everyone spend the main part of the lesson making sure you are;

1. Linked to each other via following as this course is dependent on successful feedback from everyone to each other. And I want everyone to look at at least 5 other blogs and leave comments on each others work in an encouraging and constructive way

2 . Make sure that you are also linked via the RSS feed to get the latest updates.

3. I have commented on everyones work, can you make sure that you read these as well.

4. Add more images that you may of taken over the past 2 weeks with all technical data and written work of how, when, what and why, etc...

5. Did anyone do the recommended homework to produce images around objects, in squares, see blog week 2 homework in the archive.

6. Make sure a clear statement of intent is done and blog written about it along with the unit numbers you have chosen, also a blog about all your kit available to you.

7. Rest of session spent developing research in to your chosen areas and gathering images you like from the internet and loading them onto your blogs.

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  1. Steve
    Would you please post dates etc for any external speakers coming to the college.