Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Research and beyond.....

With all good research there has to be a thorough investigation into the whole theme. This can only be done by collecting all the evidence you can find and then to examine each piece to see what value can be drawn from each one. In a similar way to Sherlock Holmes and then deduce what best action to take.

This is the week where we really need to dig deep and concentrate on research in all its forms. Then collect at least 10 images from at least 5 photographers in the area you have chosen. Then produce the written analysis based on the critical vocabulary we have discussed before on this site.

From that you will become informed and inspired to produce work at a higher level. Then we will move into the preparation stage where you put all that knowledge into practice.

And don't forget alot of you are running two themes as well so make sure that you time manage your weeks now to avoid a log jam towards the end of the course.

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