Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Presentation units and photoshop

As we are moving towards the latter part of the course we need to be looking at presentation units that you may be doing such as unit 211. This forms the basis for discussion on how many possible print and output devices and formats can be used by you to finish off your work.

For example how many different ways can you output / print or display your work. To do this you really need to compare and contrast what different websites, high street shops and labs offer. Everything from print surface types and mounting to digital displays, and portfolios in all their different sizes and types.

Design, colour and layouts will also need to be considered in order to discuss properly what type of different presentation methods could potentially suit your work. When we look at more post production of your images we will discuss what might suit each one.
Remember though that for this course you do not have to print out any images in a portfolio, you may choose that you want to, but it is not a problem if you don't.

The rest of the session will be looking at more photoshop which suits and is appropriate to your work. Please can all final selections of images be made up to date as far as possible so we can really concentrate on the short lists I asked everyone to gather.

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