Tuesday, 10 May 2011

This thursdays session

For this thursdays session we will be looking at an overview of the whole blogs and the labelling of them as regards the units that have been chosen to do. This is to ensure that all work being produced is being clearly labelled as this forms the whole basis of taking ownership and the self tracking of the units that you have chosen to do.

By doing this you will be able to see the areas where there are gaps or indeed you may of completed certain criteria in sufficient depth. This will help show whether you have over or under produced in the unit criteria. In this way you can then target any areas that need more to improve the grade from pass to merit , or from merit to distinction.

The following 6 weeks left should be clearly time managed to make sure that both themes have been researched and developed in equal measure. Often people leave the second theme with not enough time to finish it thoroughly and in equal depth to the first theme.

Also we need to look at starting any units that are being studied alongside your theme work. For example some students are covering unit 211 which looks at all aspects of digital workflow and final output devices and methodology. Enough time has to be allocated for this unit as well to cover it in enough detail.

Can you all make sure that you have all your unit paperwork with you to allow tracking and accurate labelling to take place this thursday.

Alongside that later in the session we will be doing more photoshop work on the images that you selected for post production last week. This is a very important session which I need everybody to attend please.

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