Thursday, 17 November 2011

Criteria, Self Tracking and Labels

The sessions that we are doing now need to focus down on the labelling of your blogs and making sure that you have all of your criteria being tracked. In this way you can appropriate your time management to ensure that you are on track to achieve a high grade within your particular units.

You also should have both of your themes now well underway with supporting photography and research happening alongside. Critical analysis of this research and compare and contrasting of these images against your own will allow you to evaluate how well you have done.

Or in some cases how well you haven't done, this again informs and directs you how you could improve and in what areas, what you could do differently next time, what you enjoyed and didn't. Did you use the right kit for the right photo shoot, etc..etc...This all goes towards a good evaluation.

Photoshop will be happening soon once you have got together a blog about your top 10 images for each theme. We do not want to be spending too much time in photoshop as you could have a better image or have chance to provide better images by shooting again.

Let me know if you are ready and we can begin to look at photoshop techniques that would suit your work. Also dont forget many of you are doing additional units such as 211 which require you to study the areas of digital workflow, output devices (printers) print surfaces, design of layouts, use of colour within framing and a variety of ways you can display and exhibit your work.

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