Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ofsted Exhibition

In light of a visit by Osfted to the college on the 5th December I wanted to make sure that our area is well represented.To do this I would like everyone to gather all their best images together (anything between 25 and 50) so I can put all of them together on a gallery showreel. Some images I may well have but since this course is fairly new I expect there will be images shot fairly recently that I haven't seen.

Can you provide these as jpegs only please as this will allow me to put this together quicker and can you put these all on a DVD on or before the 3rd of December. We need to do this as Ofsted will come in the day time and miss all of our sessions which would be a real shame as there is some really good work happening.

The format of the exhibition will probably be a website / showreel to show off all the work from a large TV screen at the end of our corridor.

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