Thursday, 24 November 2011

Photoshop Session

From the images that you have shortlisted for this session we will be looking at how to post produce these and complete a digital workflow. This means looking at the software and its tools that you will come across more often than others.

Appropriate tools to suit each method mean that you will be able to select the most suitable one for your images. The cropping methods for your final images will allow you to work quicker will alot of images.

The photographs you have taken have to be shortlisted into 10 best images, I dont want to see anyone putting images through photoshop without first having their top ten approved. By definition as I said last week, if you haven't got enough then prepare to do more photography in that section.

All work in photoshop has to be screen grabbed to display what you have done stage by stage, this has to happen all the time for all images and methods used. Then these are uploaded to your blog work, and it will make your work easier to explain and evidence.

Plus don't forget all units need to be done before the end of the course, ie if you are doing unit 211 or others that they are started now and kept tracked and labelled as per all other units. You must time manage the weeks left on this course very well in order to complete and achieve high grades.

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