Tuesday, 23 November 2010

week 2

                       You Take Control- Item and Location


I want you to take photographs of  5 random items or found objects, you are to include it or wear it or hold it for your shoot. You can work in pairs for this project and change over if you need someone in your photograph.
You will need to take 5 photographs of 5 different objects or items in 5 different locations. The items or objects can either be worn or be in the image somewhere not necessarily dominating it as the main focal point. You must include a person or people somewhere in the image.

The image final crop should be an 8” x 8” square only at 300 dpi in Photoshop .So you must think in that square format when you take the image. (advice given).
Find a location that is unique and that you maybe haven’t used before. Try and think outside the box and try something a little different which may have an underlying meaning or theme.

Ambient light only for this shoot however and no use of flash at all, think about light direction and strength, composition, focal point, depth of field, type of kit and lenses to achieve the maximum impact with these images.
Also pay attention to the use of space within your composition and the body language of the person within your photograph and how they are posed or positioned. And above all be creative and take your time in setting up the shot.

Technically you will need to show manual control (M) of your camera and not be reliant on any automatic or semi automatic functions. Time permitting you can start this tonight should there be enough light other than that you can finish this at home for next weeks class. Also for each photograph you will have to use a different ISO setting again to show manual control of the camera and its settings.

Power point about composition, f stops and shutter speeds.
Overview of cameras controls, multi function modes default auto settings , benefits of full manual control in producing images throughout this course. The benefits of using manual controls on digital camera as opposed to digital automatic modes. Set homework about the various exercises to do.

A main objective is to create a blog entry for each of the subjects covered in this session, ie one for composition, depth of field, f stops (apertures), shutter speeds, ISO, etc as per power point presentation. And add any images and written work that you have done to explore these areas.

Students must also make sure they have chosen their Units that they are doing on this course and producing a statement of intent for each of their chosen themes. And making a blog entry for each statement of intent. Also begin to explore your chosen areas and themes and start to create blogs which contain your opinions and analysis of their work. (see blog on this site about how to blog and what content to include).

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