Tuesday, 23 November 2010

week 4-Studio / Location Workshop ‘Principles, and effects of lighting’

Studio / Location Workshop ‘Principles, and effects of lighting’ including awareness & appreciation of photographic light quality, available light, supplementary light, colour temperature.
 Overview/recap of cameras:- classifications & controls, multi function modes default auto settings , benefits of full manual controls.

Clear aims and objectives displayed and the blogger system on all computers.
Studio session will under pin all aperture and shutter speed control irrespective of what unit selection students are working on. It will add value to all learners work.
To allow evidence of principles through own practical session and photography. Recording of technical data to aid successful outcomes.
Participation in group discussion, listening, observing, note-taking, asking answering questions.
Studio photography session for whole group to raise awareness of facility and techniques and resources.
Continued photography and research and blog entries / tracking of criteria / labelling blogs.
(ECM 3.4)

Websites to list,
Cameras / computers /software /cables and fully equipped studio / lighting.
White board/data projector
Computer Facility
C&G qualification documentation, range of cameras handouts
sample images (prints or data projector).
Criteria based system tracked via labels on each blog entry.
The learners are encouraged to take control of their own learning and have a mechanism in place to enable self assessment
(ECM 4.4, 3.5)

Group verbal, individual verbal instant feedback, written feedback
The comments that are made to students are evidenced in the blogger posts live in each one to one.
This is to ensure that all verbal / written advice and guidance is evidenced on each student’s blog website to aid reflective practice and improve grade attainment.

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